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Office Cleaning Services

Maintain a professional image and healthy working environment with professional office cleaning services from FourSquare. Our professional cleaning crews are specially trained in all aspects of office cleaning, and you'll appreciate our meticulous attention to detail. Are you experiencing issues with the quality of cleaning services at your facility? Give us an opportunity to solve these issues for you with a customized cleaning quote. FourSquare delivers high-quality, consistent commercial cleaning services. We are highly motivated and well trained.

Customer service professionals

Our sales and customer service professionals will design a customized cleaning program for your facility. A personal account manager will be assigned to coordinate quality control efforts and to adjust to any changing needs.

FourSquare Cleaning is committed to providing every customer with the personal care they deserve and require. Our discipline and concern for details as a top office cleaning company are at the core of the our values, and is felt by all levels within the company.

We will work with the budget you have to give you the office cleaning service you need. This is our pledge to you. It doesn't matter if an office employs half-a-dozen or several hundred people, each one needs some form of office cleaning service. At FourSquare we have confidence that our service is among the best.

Your building is the first impression you make as a property manager or owner. Your facility, and its level of cleanliness, sets the bar for your commitment to provide a property which is desirable for prospective and existing tenants. Make sure your facility looks its very best. FourSquare Cleaning is dedicated to ensuring the highest level of service in an environmentally responsible manner.

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Four Square Team: Thanks for your extra efforts last night. The place looks great !!!! We really appreciate the pride you take in your work. This is something we are finding is somewhat rare.
Steve Huzyak
To setup a booking or to obtain a free, no obligation quote, call us today at 330-722-3773 Please allow at least 24 hours before you would like us to start cleaning your home.

Office Cleaning Routine

Office Cleaning
Each day we make sure to empty trash bins and replace the bags. We vacuum all carpets thoroughly and we also sweep and mop wood and tile floors. We even sanitize door handles. Depending on the number of employees in a business, handles can be touched hundreds of times each day. At the end of each session, we turn off all the lights and lock the doors. We also dust room fixtures once every week.

Break Room Cleaning
Our office cleaning services checklist also has notes for the company break area. The trash bin and floor rules are very much the same, but there are additional items to be considered. For example, break rooms often have refrigerators, coffee makers and microwaves. We at FourSquare will clean the inside of these appliances and sanitize the outside handles to prevent germ transfer or allergic reactions. We also make sure to wipe down counter tops, cabinets, tables, chairs as well as the sink and its handles. Every day we also check the roll of paper towels and replace it if necessary. While we will not wash your dishes for you, we do refill the dish soap weekly. At the end of each day, we turn off all the lights and lock the door to the break room.

Common Area Cleaning
We also dedicate a part of our office cleaning services checklist to companies with a common room or social area outside of the standard break room. In addition to the standard trash and floor procedures, we clean the glass doors of common areas each and every day. We will also wipe down any wood work exposed in the room. After our business is complete, we will turn off all the lights and lock the door.

Restroom Cleaning
Perhaps our most comprehensive checklist is for the office bathroom. Without restroom cleaning skill and know-how, there would be no business for a cleaning service. We leave restrooms sparkling clean. During every session we empty trash and change the bag. We clean and sanitize the toilet seat, handle and bowl. We even scrub and sanitize urinals and their handles. We sanitize the door handles and toilet paper holders, and replace the latter when necessary. Also, we refill soap dispensers and air freshener cartridges as necessary.

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