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Spring Cleaning Roadmap!

Spring Cleaning Roadmap First step: Get your head in the game. The good news about spring cleaning is that it's usually inspired by a combination of three things: stir craziness from being inside for much of the winter, that whole 'new-growth' feeling that spring brings, plus a desire to get a bunch of needed tasks out of the way before the high heat - and big fun - of summer come rolling along. You can add to the feeling of inspiration by focusing on the facts that: annual deep cleaning protects the value of your home and health of your family, is a great way to burn extra calories in advance of bathing-suit season, and yields a crisp palette for freshening up your home décor.

What to clean

Anything involving textiles - think curtains, drapes, rugs, carpets, bedding, mattresses, pillows, and furniture upholstery - which play host to tons of human and pet dander, dust and dust mites. When possible, expose textiles to fresh air, sunlight and wind.
Inside, under and behind all furniture and major appliances, including your refrigerator, oven, dishwasher (decalcify), washing machine (sanitize by running empty with super hot water and plenty of bleach) and clothes-dryer (clean lint venting system thoroughly to remove fire hazard).
Clean or replace filters on air conditioning units, water taps and/or inside refrigerators that dispense water and ice.
Closets, drawers, kitchen and bathroom cabinets - remove everything; purge unwanted and expired items; clean drawers, floors and shelves before replacing items.
Long-term storage areas - basement, attic, garage (take advantage of the numerous donation opportunities that arise in spring).
Windows - inside and out.
Floors - deep clean and protect or wax (if needed).
If you have young kids, spring is also the best time to clean and sanitize their toys. Whew! That's a long list, but with good planning and preparation, it can be managed quite easily.

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Sequencing your spring clean.

Start by making a list of the tasks you know you will never tackle yourself. Schedule appointments with contractors and service providers - for example, carpet and upholstery cleaners, gutter cleaners, landscapers - early before their schedules fill up. Tip: Schedule some of your own big cleaning jobs to coincide with times you know you will be home to host various cleaning contractors.

Purge. Purge. Purge. It's a lot easier to clean when you're not inundated with stuff. Figure out ahead of time when opportunities will arise for you to donate unwanted items. Collect boxes and make sure your junk is packed, labeled and ready to go well in advance of donation dates.

Unless you live in a climate that is warm year round, start with less-intensive inside cleaning jobs - closets, drawers, cabinets - that do not require extra ventilation for cleaning solutions.

Schedule the remaining fresh-air-and-sunshine jobs for those first blissful - throw-open-your-windows -weeks of real spring weather. Plan to work in half-day segments so you don't squander all the good weather on cleaning. And set manageable goals for what you will accomplish in each segment so you don't fall into the common trap of enthusiastically ripping everything apart, then running out of time or energy before you can get it put back together. Pay particular attention to long-term weather forecasts so you can match tasks to expected conditions. For example, warm, sunny and windy days are perfect for quickly drying damp upholstery, heavy bedding and area rugs outside.

Offices and Hallways: Carpet Vacuumed Throughout Dust / Polish Throughout Remove Cob Webs Empty Waste Baskets / Reline Floors Thoroughly Cleaned Baseboards, Sills and Décor Restrooms: Thoroughly Cleaned /Sanitized Clean Mirrors Polish Fixtures Replenish Paper Towels / Soap Lunchrooms: Clean / Sanitize All Surfaces / Floor Clean / Sanitize and Polish Sinks Clean Inside / Outside Microwave


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